#Xauragoddess – Livia Van Heerde

Livia Van Heerde is a blogger, Content creator and Environmentalist who is passionate about climate change. She is on a mission to educate people to live a more sustainable lifestyle and also show that ethically made fashion can be easily accessible, as well as look good.


Here’s some insights we received:

What are the three special things you're doing to live a conscious lifestyle?

Livia: I am living a vegan lifestyle, I only purchase sustainably and ethically-made fashion and I only use natural beauty products.

What are your favourite self care tips?

Livia: Applying a face mask, working out, eating a healthy meal and taking the time to listen to some music and lay in the sun.

What is your most important reason for you to go travelling? Why?

Livia: Travelling inspires me and my creativity. When I travel, I am able to be present and live in the moment.

What's your favourite moment at a resort?

Livia: I love laying by the pool or sea and feel the sun on my skin.

What does it feel like wearing Xaura?

Livia: I love the soft fabrics and the lovely bright colours. I especially love moving in the flowy skirts - I feel fun and feminine.

You can find Livia here to get great tips on how to live consciously. 

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