Xaura Beginnings

Beginning of Xaura

Kavita here, designer and creator of the label Xaura. I was born in a small town in Fiji where I grew up surrounded by water, warm summers and a simple childhood of playing outside with nature. At the age of 12 my family and I moved to New Zealand. Being Indian made me “different” back then. It wasn’t cool to have roti wraps at school or put coconut oil in your hair. The result was that I became a very self-conscious and shy child. I wasn't able to voice my thoughts and feelings openly, particularly due to the feeling of not fitting in. 

During my high school years I took on sewing and design, this opened me up to the freeing world of creativity. I started making clothes for myself and made artistic alterations to items I already owned. Not only was I able to express myself and my individuality through fashion, but I had created a space where I felt like I finally fit in.

Despite completing a degree in IT and Marketing, I decided to pursue a course in Fashion Design which is where I began my journey in the industry which has spanned over 10 years. 

Having my own label has been a dream of mine for many years and, with the support from loved ones, I finally took a leap of faith. In 2018 Xaura was born. Being able to integrate both sides of my upbringing, my Indian heritage and Western culture, has given me an avenue to express my own true self. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with artisans of India, which in turn supports them in keeping their unique craft alive. I want to be able to make women feel good about themselves and to encourage them to showcase their individuality through Xaura.


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