Valentines Day Edit ~ Self Love by Sierra

"The outer world is a mirror to our inner world. Our relationships with others reflect our intimate relationship with ourselves." ~ Sierra

What does self love mean to you? And why is it important?

Self-love to me means the capacity to give myself the unconditional love and compassion in any circumstance that life offers. It could be in owning who I truly am, how I look, how I dress, what I believe in without apologising. Or in honouring my unique story, all of my past experiences either good or bad. Or simply being loving and kind to myself in my daily self-talk.

I think it is really important because everything starts from within. The outer world is a mirror to our inner world. Our relationships with others reflect our intimate relationship with ourselves. I used to say to myself that I am not good with money, and I can’t keep money. The result of that daily negative self-talk was that I spent mindlessly on stuff I didn’t care about. Once I changed my mindset to a more positive thinking pattern, I enjoyed learning and managing my money. So my outer experiences do follow my relationship with myself.

When did you start your self-love journey?

Interestingly, I started to meditate and joined a spiritual path with a guru almost a decade ago. But I didn’t really understand the concept of self-love until I left my spiritual path. I was burnt out from serving in my spiritual community to the point that I knew I needed to leave for my mental well-being. I learned about self-love then. I learned that connection and love to myself should always come first. For the first time, I learned to say no and set boundaries to protect my time and energy for better use in things that aligns with my values.
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What does your self-love practice look like?


It’s combination of meditation practices, sometimes on the sacral chakra and the heart chakra, or meditation on letting go. Journaling, reciting affirmations, mirror work, reading good books, and making art are also in my daily practice. They all contribute in helping me in being more aware of my negative self-talk. It won’t be perfect as life changes fast, and we always evolves into the unknown. But I believe having the awareness is like have more options in life, either to react, to give in to negativity, or the acknowledge the feelings but change our mindset.

What are some quick tips you can give to others who want to start on this journey?

Apart from some tips I mentioned on the previous question. I found these one fun to start:
- Journaling on your insecurities, and all the limited beliefs you carry on yourself. And start to rewrite them all. Write your own affirmations. Cross all the old beliefs off.
- I also highly recommend you start a little fun creative self-love project. It can be making a painting or draw on self-love and what does self-love feel like? Expressing it out, paint it, draw it, write about it. And you can hang the piece up in your most sacred place at home. You don’t need to be an artist to make art. Do what you want. Be your own most loyal fan when you create art, especially on self-love.

Sierra is an artist behind Inner Beauty, where she inspires others to tap into their inner beauty in order to live their most authentic and abundant life. You can find her art and tea meditation workshops in the link below:

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