Slower, conscious lifestyle tips and motherhood by Isabella Young

"I think it’s important to start small rather than overwhelming yourself and trying to do everything. Our little actions lead to bigger ones and like a domino effect, they create sustained positive change."

Mother in nature with baby

What inspired you to start your eco-conscious journey?

Raised as an outdoors kid, I have always felt intrinsically connected to and fascinated by the natural world. My love for nature extends across the vast inter-connectivities of ecosystems, bodies of water, flora, fauna and other living beings that we coexist with. I’m passionate about caring for the environment which cares for us. 

Many years ago now, my whole view of living in a consumer based world changed. I gained awareness of the climate crisis occurring and knew that I needed to contribute positive change.

What are some of the ways you are living a sustainable lifestyle?

Being vegetarian / plant-based for over six years, I’m on an ongoing journey of reducing waste and minimising my environmental impact. I embrace a minimalist approach to living, viewing less as more and aiming to conserve more and waste less resources. 

I love the philosophies of reducing, refusing, reusing, repurposing and recycling. Reducing the amount of waste I’m producing by being conscious of what I’m consuming. Refusing consumables that can’t be recycled or cause unnecessary, excess waste. Reusing things or repurposing them (i.e. finding new ways for using things you might otherwise throw away). And recycling, which conserves natural resources, saves energy and reduces pollution. I also love to source things second hand and go on to give my belongings that I no longer need a second life too - whether selling, donating or swapping them.

Sustainability is about looking at the long term picture, of how our actions today will affect the lives of future generations. Being a new mother has made me think much differently about what this means and how it will affect my daughter and the children of others.

What are your best eco tips to share with others?

Begin with considering what ways can you adopt a slower, more conscious lifestyle? Here are a few areas and ideas:

  • Visit a local refill or bulk foods store rather than buying plastic heavy packages goods
  • Begin a veggie garden (spring is coming up here in Aotearoa which is the perfect time to start planting seeds!)
  • Eat what’s in season 
  • Reduce your intake of meat and animal products by having more plant based meals
  • Thrift / op-shop or support a slow fashion label the next time you buy a garment
  • Make home made baking & meal prep bigger portions that you can freeze or store and eat later on in the week
  • Wash & reuse glass containers that hold things like pasta, baby food and jams as these make great storage containers!
  • Walk, cycle or take public transport to work, school, shopping or activities
  • Use a reusable coffee cup for your takeaway hot drinks
  • Support a local business 
  • Freeze unused sauces and milks into ice cubes and defrost them for another meal
  • Start a compost bin
  • Join a community group where you support each other & share eco-positive ideas.
Mum cuddling baby  Breastfeeding in nature


What are some tips you can share for new mums?

First of all I want to say you are doing amazing mama! Raising a baby in this day and age takes a lot of energy, patience, time and love. Something incredible to remember is that our little ones learn from us. We have the opportunity to teach our babies how to care for the environment and those who co-exist with us, too 💛

Again, if we start small and keep an open mind to adopting environmentally conscious habits then this will lead to sustained positive change.

Thrifting or gifting used bubba clothes, joining a toy library or buying wooden toys rather than plastic ones or using biodegrade products if possible are great things you could consider.

What do you love about wearing Xaura?

I love that Xaura is a woman lead and designed label. Kavita is such a lovely being and it’s wonderful to support a woman owned business in the fashion industry!

I also love that the Xauras dresses I’ve worn use natural fibers, have pockets and are breastfeeding friendly!

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