Why sustainable fashion?

Climate change is real and Xaura is conscious of how our actions affect our planet. We are aware that fashion contributes to different forms of environmental pollution and that it is responsible for 10% of the carbon footprint of the world, which is just not good enough. The fashion industry has a lot to answer for and Xaura strives to make a difference by inspiring change.

What are we doing to combat this problem?

While we would love to claim that we are 100% sustainable, unfortunately, it is not completely possible as we need to use water, energy and other resources to create our garments. However, we are dedicated to leaving behind a minimal environmental footprint and ensuring that our factories and garment workers perform best practices to achieve fair and safe working conditions for everyone. 

For example, traditional textile crafts are at risk of dying and being taken over by machines due to the demands of fast fashion or clothes made cheaply to meet demands for the hot new styles. Xaura aims to support this craftsmanship by keeping it alive. Many women rely on these skills to support their family and we want to empower these women by helping them to cultivate their talent so they can grow and become independent.

We also strive to use sustainable, natural fibers and textiles, such as cotton and linen which are easily biodegradable. We don’t use synthetic harmful materials such as polyester. Did you know Polyester can take upto 20 - 200 years to decompose and they are filled with many chemicals, causing greenhouse gases into the environment, which can cause significant environmental damage, so we completely avoid it.

We live and breathe slow, ethical and sustainable fashion. Every decision that goes into our planning, creation and collaboration with our garment workers all come from peace and love. We challenge ourselves daily to make more conscious decisions so that we can help and inspire our artisan community as well as women around the world.

How can you make a change?

  • Support slow fashion brands that are dedicated to ethical and sustainable practices. Remember that your spending is voting for the world you want!
  • Buy less but better quality pieces that stand the test of time. Embracing a quality over quantity mindset will help you to free up headspace so you can focus on things that are more valuable to you.
  • Buy timeless designs  and styles Vs seasonal trends.
  • Prolong the lifespan of your clothes by caring for them properly. For example;
    • Washing less often and using less detergent is better for the environment and helps your clothes last longer.
    • Wash dark garments inside out to help preserve the color so it doesn’t fade. 
    • Dry clothes in shade to avoid fading.
    • Use a mesh laundry bag to wash and protect delicate pieces that have beautiful intricate embroidery. 
  • Love and cherish the few clothes that you own. Owning less lets you value and appreciate what you have more.

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